As the technology is smashing the pre existing boundaries and barriers there are also questions: what is the future of education? what role teachers would have in the coming decade? and what will be the sustainability of educational institutions? It is for sure, that what a University looks like today will certainly look very differently after a decade. Web Zealots claim that in coming years we would have no traditional classes and huge educational buildings. Instead we would have dissemination centres where from people would propagate education to our wards.

We no longer need an army of employees to teach students what we want them to learn, instead it would be the students who would learn what they want to. Here at EMMRC we are aware of the challenge and as such we have already taken steps toward the future. We are already into the digitised phase of education where knowledge is disseminated without any intermediaries.  The programmes produced here are specially designed for the future where a student can get any information with a click. We are trying to become a centre of open online courses where any student can get knowledge along with a degree from anywhere.

 We are engaging best of the teaching community and together with our expertise in technology we are making education refined, thoughtful and appealing for the students. We are consistently improvising techniques of education in this tweet times so that students do not feel bored. Students for whom our programmes are directed are born in digital age. They seem to have shorter attention spans but use digital memory as prosthesis and are able to get quickly what they need to know. Our doors for improvisation are always open. We are not only creating evolving technology for education but training the future academics as well. We are on a technological highway which knows no stops and whose speed no one can predict. But together with the participation of academics we are creating a knowledge society for certain.

Dr. Salima Jan
Head Of Department