Online education has never been as indispensable as it’s now. Reasons are too obvious to be ignored. As a life-threatening pandemic has forced us to stay home, Information Communication Technology - ICT is the only possible and the only available option to continue teaching and learning. Education Multimedia Research Centre – EMRC University of Kashmir has been engaged in the digitization of education for decades, but in these abnormal times, the Centre has assumed a fresh significance. As medical scientists work hard to discover a vaccine against the virus, our aim is to discover newer ways to disseminate education so that we cover the maximum distance in the minimum time. It’s a home delivery of education made possible by the latest gadgetry and expertise available to the Centre. Through SWAYAM, SWAYAM Prabha and other online platforms we facilitate noted academics and researchers from various fields offer their services to make this mission education possible. Education is our goal, students our target. Join us in the mission of taking education to the door steps of students irrespective of their location. 

Dr. Salima jan