Dr. Salima Jan,  is the Director Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC), University of Kashmir. Salima has done various research studies on different aspects of educational television programmes, need assessment studies, audience profile for UGC’s Vyas Channel, use of media by the students, new communication technologies and educational disparities etc. She has also conducted formative research for more than 300 educational television programmes. She has written three books, “Forgotten Identities – the story of Artisan Women in Kashmir”, “Television and New Communication Technologies - the changing paradigm of education” and Women Studies – Issues and Concerns. She also did two nation-wide research projects for Information & Broadcast Ministry of Government of India on “Coverage of Gender Issues in Print Media - Status and Strategies to Upgrade Coverage” and “Government Information Delivery Mechanism and Technological Development”.

She is Channel Coordinator for one of the DTH Channels (Channel No.9, on Life Sciences) under MHRD’s Swayam Prabha initiative. She is also coordinating MOOCs development at the Centre.

Faculty Details

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  • Administrative position Held Director EMMRC, State Coordinator Fundamental Duties and Rights Awareness Cell
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Research Papers Published

  • "Globalization and India''s Initiatives in Education: Challenges and Prospects" Educational Quest - International Journal of Education and Applied Social Sciences, 5(1): 27 -32 {ISSN: 0976-7258} Impact Factor=
  • "Relevance of Public Service Broadcasting in India in the age of Commercial Media" Journal of Sociology in Kashmir, Department of Sociology, University of Kashmir, 4(4): 31 -44 {ISSN: 2249-667} Impact Factor=
  • "Social Life of HIV Positive women in Kashmir Valley" American Journal of Social Science Research, 1(3): 178 -182 {ISSN: .} Impact Factor= .
  • "Contextualizing Shrines and pluralism in Kashmir - A Sociological overview of Mata Kheerbhawani" International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 4(2): 66 -80 {ISSN: .} Impact Factor= .
  • "Social Media and Family: Finding the Balance" Journal of Global Communication, 8(2): 0 -0 Impact Factor= .

Research Scholars:

Majid Ahmad MasoodiM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
AsimaM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Khalid GulM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
ShaistaM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
AneesaM.Phil Awarded Whole Time